Meet Wandrly: A Whole New Way To Find Fun Things To Do In Nashville

Wandrly helps people find fun things to do in Nashville based on their interests and things they enjoy doing. Using filters like attraction type, activity, and distance, you can browse the types of activities you like, and exclude the ones you don’t — or simply search for whatever you’re in the mood to check out that day.
Browse Attractions By Attraction Type
Pick and choose the exact (and only) types of attractions you want to see. Choose one, or choose multiple, to browse all the endless possibilities in your area.
Refine Results By Activity Tags
Tags help you further refine results and find exactly what you’re looking for — and ultimately, activities you know you’ll enjoy! Here are just a few examples of activities you can find using tags:
Indoor activities for a rainy day Bars and venues with live music Laid-back spots perfect for relaxing Weird and unusual points of interest
Find Attractions Near You, Identifiable By Unique Map Icons
All of the attractions on Wandrly can be viewed in a list or on a map — or both at the same time! (except for phones) Custom icons and colors on the map indicate the attraction type (e.g., A cocktail glass for drinking attractions, a basketball icon for sports attractions, etc.), helping you easily spot what you’re looking for.
Keep Track Of Attractions You’ve Visited — And See Only Ones You Haven’t
With Wandrly, you can mark any attractions you’ve been to as “visited”. On the map view, visited attractions are indicated by a red checkmark and a border. On the listing view, a red border and “visited” label are applied. You can also filter out visited attractions from the explore view to see only attractions you haven’t been to yet.
Save Attractions To Any Of Your Custom Lists
Planning a trip and want to organize possible activities? Or, just want to save an attraction to visit later? You can with Wandrly! Wandrly lets you create custom lists and add as many attractions as you like. This makes saving attractions you want to check out later easy — and trip planning painless.
Hide Attractions You Don’t Want To See (Or Aren’t Interested In)
See attractions that you know you aren’t interested in? You can hide these attractions so you never have to see them again! If you make a mistake or want to add a hidden attraction back, you can see all hidden attractions in your profile and remove them from the hidden list.
Find the best things to do in Nashville
Wandrly helps you find things to do that you know you’ll love! Filter by attraction type, tags, save custom lists, and more.
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